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James Earl Jones and Jessica Klee JLK Productions gets it done right. From recording to editing, Jessica has created a cozy environment that makes me feel comfortable and welcomed. She is very attentive and accommodating. I can’t imagine ever coming out of there without an outstanding result.
The Force Is Strong With This One!
~ James Earl Jones
SCohenI started working with Jessica in the fall of 2012 and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. She displays professionalism at all times and is always looking out for her artist's best interests. She has not only helped me find ''my sound'', but also has instilled the confidence in me to achieve my goals and dreams as an artist. Working with Jessica is always a pleasure. She has a great ear for music and offers fantastic advice to make the music sound as polished as possible. JLK Productions is more than just a production company, to me's a family
~ Steve Cohen
C&BWorking with Jessica proved to be a hugely rewarding experience that far exceeded our expectations. Jessica quickly understood our style and her creative ideas combined with her studio skills led us to achieving far more than we thought possible with our recordings. From the first time we entered her studios we were treated both as friends and as professionals. The studio is a perfect combination of well-crafted state-of the art recording rooms and top notch equipment placed in comfortable and homey surroundings. The combination of the equipment, surroundings and Jessica’s fun outgoing personality and expertise made the recording experience, which can be a grueling undertaking in other circumstances, very enjoyable. Bernie and I thought we were bringing in essentially finished tracks for some touch ups, but we ended up greatly enhancing the songs with Jessica’s input and prodding to make them something we could really be proud of. Her commitment to us didn't stop with the recording process however. She made sure she guided us through the CD production process and online distribution process to make sure we made the most of the finished production. We look forward to working on our next album with her!
~ Charley Montgomery, Charles and Bernard
I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica Klee for over half a decade. We have collaborated on music videos, commercials and corporate videos to name a few. I’ve also hired her to work with me at working in our digital department. She has been a huge asset to our team and is always helping to trouble shoot various problems that arise in production. Her eagerness in honing her craft is exceptional in this line of work, as we need to adapt in the ever changing digital landscape. She is one of the most creative and talented producer/video editors I have ever worked with. Her attention to detail is top notch in music productions and other audio genres, as well as the video she produces and edits. She is an asset to any professional who hires her. Highly recommended!
~ Steve Credo
hamel I've always had an amazing experience, working with Jessica over the years. We started pre-production and scratch takes for my first project about 2 years ago. Ever since the first day we hit record, I knew I was in a great place with great people. Jessica takes the time to look at every detail that goes into making an album. From song arrangement to which mic's to use, she brings a healthy knowledge to the table. I've always felt that atmosphere and vibe are crucial to the creative process. Jess has always taken the steps to insure my creative vibe flows freely and always provides and enhances, the atmosphere that I am looking for in a particular session. The control room is very chic and PACKED with fantastic gear that Jess wields unmercifully well. Every time I go to record at JLK Studio, I feel right at home and know the session will be fun and productive. To this day, working with Jess is one of my favorite musical and personal experiences. I highly recommend her services to every artist looking to do a serious recording with someone who cares about making the project come out the best that it can.  
~ Mike Hamel     
TrustWorking with Jessica was fun and professional at the same time. Jessica has great ears, patience and tremendous talent. After recording the majority of the music with the very talented N.S. "Buck" Brundage at SBR Recording Studio & Couch Creative Services, we finished our CD with Jessica at JLK Productions by recording the drums and doing the final mix and mastering there. The songs on the CD sounds incredible. It is professionally done, mastered to top quality. The CD sounds like we just bought it in the store. Jessica has an incredible talent for creating the vibe that worked so well for us, when we recorded the drums at her studio .... They sound sick! The CD sounds so awesome that everyone who listens to it thinks it was done in a major label studio. The reaction we have gotten from the teenage artists and everyone who has heard it so far, is "Amazement"! It truly sounds awesome. Buck & Jessica, thank you for all your hard work… it has been a pleasure! We will definitely be in touch. Thank you!!
~ Pastor Paul Di Toro & No Compromise.  
The best way I can describe Jessica is that she takes fun very seriously. In whatever setting I've seen her - whether it's mastering songs in the studio, fine-tuning the mix of a live band at a local club, or blasting out some crunchy riffs on her Paul Reed Smith during a jam session - she's always focused on delivering the highest-quality sound. She's invested countless hours and dollars on her studio gear that she's constantly upgrading, and is always excited to explain to me the benefits of her latest recording technology, and how she can help make my drum sound come alive with it .... which is exactly what she does. I'm blown away by what she has produced from my drum takes!!! I don't think I've seen a smile leave her face for more than a couple of minutes, and no matter how many takes I need or how many questions I ask, she's always patient & supportive, and creates a relaxed atmosphere to help me focus on the music. I always feel that Jessica takes full responsibility for the final product, and is a friend, ally, mentor, and my biggest fan, all at once, when I'm working with her. Even when my enthusiasm for a project fades, her passion for music keeps me going & reminds me how fun the process can be. I highly recommend Jessica to any musician looking for a professional & fun recording experience, a great place to rehearse with the band before a recording session, or expertise on getting the best live sound.
~ Juhani Kelvin - Drums, Session Player