We'll Bring Our Professional Services To You

Remote Venue Recording & Video

     New to JLK Productions is our ability to provide you 32+ tracks of audio recording and 1080i full HD video RIGHT AT YOUR GIG!!!!

     Our new Presonus StudioLive 24 console coupled with a Presonus Fire Studio can provide 48 track recording either by taking a discrete feed from the FOH (front of house) system via our splitter box, or we can bring our mics to your show and run sound for you as we record. Once the audio for the show has been recorded, it can be taken to our studio to be mixed and mastered or you can take the files home on your own hard drive to have mixed & mastered elsewhere if you prefer. phantom3





Sony NX5UWhile your show is being recorded, we can film some or all of the show and edit the footage to sync with the venue audio recording. This will be ideal for You Tube exposure, electronic press kits and much more. We are using a Sony HXR-NX5U pro-sumer full HD video camera, with an HD flash pack (up to 11 hours of 1080i continuous filming) as well as a Panasonic DV tape camera. Pricing for live venue recording will vary depending on what you need us to do for you, so please call us for a quote.